When we first stumbled upon Lyndi Cohen; Nude Nutritionist and Chanel 9 TV Dietition, we fell in love with her playful and relaxed approach to dieting. Lyndi doesn’t hide the fact that she has struggled with her weight in the past and shares openly in her blogs and with her clients  how she discovered a way of eating that naturally resulted in weight loss and greater vitality in her life. Lyndis food philosophy includes a diet that is rich in wholefoods as well as bucket loads of self understanding and self care. She radiates health from the inside out and it has been a joy to collaborate with her on the Affordable Wholefoods Blog.

“If you are serious about feeling amazing and loving your body, you need to ditch your desire to be lean or skinny and instead, fully embrace the idea of eating well and exercising to be healthy and feel good”. 

Lyndi Cohen

Here’s what Lyndi shared recently in an interview with Affordable Wholefoods.

AW:       How did you get into Wholefoods?

Lyndi:   Ever since I can remember, I struggled with my weight and was constantly yo-yo dieting. But instead of helping me achieve my dream body, dieting made me obsessed with counting calories, over exercising and depriving myself. I would eat processed foods as long as they were low in calories and fit my idea of what healthy meant!

In 2011, I was diagnosed with clinical anxiety and an eating disorder – something I’ve openly shared and spoken about on my blog. The diagnosis rocked me to the core but it was actually the life-changing moment I needed to help me rethink my relationship with food.

I learnt that eating a wholefoods diets is a simple, stress-free way to live. You don’t need to count calories or restrict – just eat real foods from nature! Since embracing whole foods, I have discovered the joy and freedom of eating again. I’ve fallen in love with food again and as an added bonus, lost over 20kg.

AW:       What do you love about eating a diet that is rich in wholefoods?

Lyndi:   I love the simplicity of eating whole foods! When you embrace whole foods instead counting calories or dieting – it’s a relief because you don’t need to read ingredients list anymore. When you eat wholefoods, you can trust that the food is good for you. Eating wholefoods means I don’t need to stress about whether something is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ anymore. It’s really so simple.

I also love how affordable it can be eat a wholefoods diet! It’s far more expensive to buy processed foods and you also miss out on the fun of making your own creation.

AW:       Do you have a favourite wholefoods recipe at the moment?

Lyndi:     I am obsessed with banana nice-cream as a yummy treat! It’s so delicious and easy to make.

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