A wholefoods way of living supports us in so many ways, and in a time where we are witnessing much environmental and resource depletion it is certainly showing us there is a need to take more care with our food choices and our environment. By choosing wholefoods over processed foods we can all individually contribute to minimising the damage to our planet as well as strengthen our connection to our food and to our bodies.

When we buy wholefoods such as legumes, nuts, seeds and grains, we minimise the need for processing machinery, the use of unhealthy additives and preservatives and the mega tonnes of plastic packaging that is thrown out each week.  They also work out more cost effective in the long run and provide us with nutrients in their whole form, which are much easier for our bodies to take in.

Wholefoods are usually available in bulk food outlets that offer paper packaging as opposed to plastic and where customers can bring in their own containers and jars. This practice once again reduces the impact on the environment and is also a cheaper way to buy nourishing whole food. It also means it is possible to buy only the amount we actually want and will use, reducing the risk of wastage.

Many nutrients in food have a natural synergy and are far more potent when consumed as whole foods rather than in nutritional supplements and in foods that are fortified with certain individual nutrients. The relationship between sodium and potassium is a great example. When in balance, they help each other to move in and out of the cells in our body but if we consume too much of either one it can disrupt this delicate equilibrium. There is certainly a lot to say for staying with what nature intended!

With a diet packed full of wholefoods complete with their rich and diverse range of nutrients you are well on your way to reducing your risk of the most common lifestyle disease such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.  Providing your children with wholefoods will reduce their risk of allergies, attention and mood disorders as well as giving them more energy and stronger bodies.

Another great outcome of eating a diet rich in wholefoods is enhanced body awareness and greater clarity of mind, meaning we can make better decisions for ourselves, for our kids, for our community and for our planet as a whole.

By embracing and appreciating a wholefoods way of living you are giving yourself, your family and the planet the best chance to be healthy, happy and full of life.


By Jesabe Warner

Naturopath Affordable Wholefoods

Read more at: Affordable Wholefoods Blogs Recipes

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