There is no doubt about how good seeds are for your health, and they taste pretty good too. One of the ways we like to ‘spice’ up simple meals is with a spicy seed sprinkle. Sprinkle a few seeds over poached eggs, avocado or a simple green salad, the skies the limit.

If your someone who doesn’t like too much spice, this recipe is easy to modify. Simply toast your seeds plain or with a little black pepper or dried oregano. Either way, its fun experimenting with what tastes great and works for your body too.



  1. In a large non-stick saucepan on medium heat toast all your seeds together stirring regularly to avoid burning.
  2. Once the seeds are beginning to brown (the sesame seeds may start to pop), turn the heat down slightly and add your spices being careful not to burn any of the mix.
  3. Toast for between 2-3 minutes with the spices added and then remove from heat.


Try adding dried herbs to the mix such as basil or oregano with a good sprinkle of black pepper. This mix is great for getting those digestive juices flowing.

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