Nuts and seeds contain all of the nutrients and enzymes needed to produce a living plant, however they remain dormant until the conditions for germination are just right.

One of the components found in nuts and seeds is phytic acid; a compound that inhibits the enzyme phytase from beginning this germination process. In the nut or seed itself, this is a good thing, however phytic acid has a different effect on the human body.

Research has shown that phytic acid can cause all sorts of digestive issues from minor inflammation to bloating and or stomach aches. It also stops the absorption of vital minerals in the intestines such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper and iron (our favourites and the essentials). For this reason it is known in the scientific world as an anti-nutrient.

Consuming high levels of phytic acid can lead to digestive distress and mineral deficiencies.  

So how do we still enjoy our nuts and seeds, and all the vital nutrients they have to offer? The answer is simple – we ACTIVATE.

Activating our nuts and seeds is a simple process that breaks down the phytic acid (as well as other enzyme inhibitors) stopping the mineral binding capacity and making our nuts and seeds more easily digested as well as giving us greater access to the minerals that make them up.

And so, it asks for a little of our time in the preparation process, but it is so worth it in the end.

Here’s a simple recipe for activating your own nuts and seeds at home.

Read more at: Affordable Wholefoods

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