Self-Care is a term that has become very popular in the last ten years or so and particularly in the health industry with it’s value being widely acknowledged. But what does it actually mean to self care? And how does it relate to diet and a wholefoods way of living?

Firstly, self-care simply means to bring the practice of ‘care’ to ourselves. Said like that, it does sound very simple, and yet if we are honest, a lot of us find it easier to care for others than we do for ourselves. This is interesting, and perhaps something for another article, but if we were really looking to up the anti with our self-care, what would this look like in relation to our food choices and diet?

Self-care would mean choosing foods that we know nourish our body and taking the time to make sure our diet is a priority in our lives – as the foods we eat do and will always  impact how we feel not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Eating foods that are rich in nutrients and low in saturated fats and sugars are a great choice when it comes to self-care as they will always leave us feeling vital and energetic. Wholefoods of course fit into this category. They are indeed the purest foods we can choose for our bodies – straight from the ground or tree – as nature intended. They are also naturally low in sugar, and certainly free of refined sugars that are commonly found in processed and packaged foods. Foods that are lower in sugar are more supportive on our nervous and endocrine systems – two important body systems that contribute to our overall health and well-being.

Knowing that our food choices make up a valuable part of our self-care rituals gives us the opportunity to really take charge of our own self-care and health whilst enjoying the natural flavours and freshness of a diet rich in wholefoods.

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