Vegan Berry Coconut Slice


This weeks recipe of the week is another delicious vegan recipe from contributor Morag Turnbull (@aveganfeed).  Using fresh berries to make your own homemade jam filling, and flaxseeds to add a little mucilage and fibre, the whole family will love this one.


Berry Layer



  1. In a bowl combine ½ cup raw sugar with vegan butter, mixing until pale and creamy. Add in flour, vegan egg and vanilla, mix until well combined (kneading with your hands may be needed).
  2. Grease a 24 x 16 cm, or similar, slice tin and crumble mixture in, then press the mixture into base of tin.
  3. To make the berry layer, combine the berries with raw sugar and 4 tablespoons water in a saucepan on medium heat. Cook until the berries have reduced and the mixture is thick, about ½ an hour. Remove from heat and leave to cool.
  4. Top the base with the berry mixture, spreading evenly.
  5. To make the topping, combine coconut and sugar in a bowl.
  6. Sprinkle over the berry layer.
  7. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180˚C for 20 minutes.


Instead of cooking berries and sugar, jam could be used, ½ to 1 cup would be suitable.

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