Healthy Trail Mix For Kids


It can be difficult to find good lunch box snacks for kids that are nut free and in line with our schools allergy policies. Nuts are such a great way to get nutrition into our children, especially whilst they are burning so much energy running around in the playground or learning in the classroom – so we’ve come up with an alternative. A delicious gluten free trail mix recipe that is school friendly. It offers all the nutrition nuts would through the use of sunflower kernels and pepitas, as well as juicy sultanas and tasty toasted coconut flakes. It’s also super easy to make (about 20 minutes in total including baking time). Enjoy!

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Wholefoods are the foundation of a healthy diet and nourished body and are one of the best gifts we can give to our children. As we discussed in last weeks article,  bringing our kids into the kitchen at an early age and teaching them about cooking with wholefoods is a great way for them to learn about different nutritious foods and to help them feel more independent and involved in their food choices.

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