There is no doubt about how good seeds are for your health, and they taste pretty good too. One of the ways we like to ‘spice’ up simple meals is with a spicy seed sprinkle. Sprinkle a few seeds over poached eggs, avocado or a simple green salad, the skies the limit.

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After a recent conversation in the back office with our IT specialist Dean, we were inspired to try out one of his favourite soups from childhood, Fasolada. Fasolada has its origins in Greece as a soup made of  beans (and sometimes meat) with a few vegetables, lemon and olive oil. There are many variations of the recipe across Greece and after a little experimentation by Kym (our stock manager and lover of anything beans) we have a recipe that is certifiably blog grade. Don’t be put off by the amount of ingredients as this is actually a very easy soup to make.

Thank you Dean for the inspiration and Kym for your cooking efforts.

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It seems anxiety is the buzz word these days (no pun intended) and something many of us can relate to experiencing at some point in our lives. Anxiety affects us on many levels, from a slight feeling of uneasiness, to the ‘butterflies’ in the stomach feeling and on to more extreme levels of anxiety often experienced as panic attacks, rapid breathing and a rise in heart rate. Yet, no matter what level of anxiety we experience, it all has a wearing down effect on our nervous and endocrine systems which eventually leads to physical exhaustion.

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