This is hands down our pick for a sensational salad this season. Fresh, crisp, sweet, crunchy and wholesome in one. With the addition of quinoa, combined with lightly toasted walnuts, fresh salad vegetables and leafy greens it covers all bases on the nutritional front, but doesn’t leave you feeling hungry like other green salads can. It’s also simple and enjoyable to make. Enjoy!

Serving Size: Serves 4 as a side OR 2 as a complete meal
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Last years Christmas party saw the whole team come together to share a meal celebrating another year at Affordable Wholefoods. We each brought along a dish to share and Denise’s contribution was her take on the traditional Greek recipe ‘Spanakopita’.  It took just a few minutes for the plate to be empty, so we decided to remake it and share with our readers. Hope you enjoy as much as we did. Continue reading