Lettuce And Coconut Salad With Toasted Pine Nuts


A super light tropical salad recipe perfect for the warmer weather. The toasted seeds really give this salad a beautiful crunch with the coconut adding a delicious natural sweetness.

This salad is great to have as a side to any simple meat or vegetarian dish.

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Chocolate Smoothie Bowl


The delightful Meg Phillips has been at it again….this time it’s one of her delicious vegan smoothie bowl creations using raw cacao powder and frozen bananas.  This is a great summer breakfast or brunch idea to share with friends. Get creative with your choice of fruit & nut or cereal toppings….and watch this space for Meg’s homemade granola recipe coming soon to the blog.

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Homemade Organic Granola Recipe


It’s two in a row from Affordable Wholefoods Recipe contributor Meg Phillips. This time it’s a delicious and simple granola recipe using mostly organic ingredients (though you can of course tailor to your preference). Making your own if you have the time and motivation is a great way to save money on expensive store bought varieties, and you also get to choose your preferred flavours. Enjoy!

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A wholefoods way of living supports us in so many ways, and in a time where we are witnessing much environmental and resource depletion it is certainly showing us there is a need to take more care with our food choices and our environment. By choosing wholefoods over processed foods we can all individually contribute to minimising the damage to our planet as well as strengthen our connection to our food and to our bodies.

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teff-pancakesOne of our store managers suffers from coeliacs disease and is always looking for inspiration in trying new recipes that fit into her gluten free lifestyle. When we recently started to stock Teff flour and grain she was very excited to try these two products out and made these very delicious Teff pancakes adding coyo (coconut yoghurt), raspberries and honey. A woman of many talents, she even captured the image herself. She said they were so good, we couldn’t not share them. Continue reading



We love experimenting with all the different varieties of gluten free flours in store and how to use them. Chickpea (or besan) flour is one of our favourites and we find a lot of our customers asking how to use it.

Traditionally it is used in Indian cooking to make pakora, chapati or naan breads, or as a thickener in curries or dahl. However we love using it to make savoury pancakes adding in loads of yummy vegetables to make it a complete tasty meal.

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Living a gluten free lifestyle often means having to find substitutes for many ingredients/food products. At first this can seem like a big task but it can actually be quite simple and fun. Being ‘gluten free’ doesn’t mean you have to miss out. With a few healthy swaps you can enjoy a nourishing and delicious diet that provides a great balance of nutrition whilst avoiding gluten.

I believe the best way to avoid gluten and to nourish your body is to stick to whole and fresh food sources as much as possible.

Here is a simple list of gluten free swaps that I hope supports and inspires you to make healthy meals and snacks to nourish yourself and your family.

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This is one of our favourite homemade dip recipes and in perfect timing as we prepare for springtime and the season of getting together with friends and family.

So easy to make and absolutely delicious, this Moroccan style dip is great to accompany a roast lamb, some spicy fish, a hearty bean salad or on its own with a tasty cracker.

Serving Size: One size for all – first in.


  • 2 medium red capsicums
  • 1 cup finely grated parmesan cheese
  • ¾ cup roasted cashews
  • ½ cup semi dried tomatoes (drained)
  • 1 tablespoon mild Moroccan spice mix
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • Chopped free parsley to garnish


  1. Roast the capsicums in a hot oven (200’C) for 15 minutes, or until tender and starting to brown up. Allow to cool and place in your food processor (remove the skin if you prefer).
  2. Add the parmesan, cashews, semi-dried tomatoes and Moroccan spice blend and process for 10 seconds.
  3. Add the olive oil and process until just combined (still a little chunky), then season with salt and pepper where needed.


For a dairy free option, replace the parmesan with ½ cup of fresh parsley.

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